Scions of Invention

The Great Train Robbery
They came from the air.

The next morning we head down in our separate parties, Mckenna in the spider with our three prisoners and the noble group separate. We board the train back to the capitol and it heads out of the station without incident. We have a three day trip back to the capitol. On the trip we meet another noble lady, Mary Elizabeth, who seems well dressed but not up on the latest styles. She has smudges of something resembling oil on her hems. We invite her to join our table (Lady Mary Somervile and me) (looking to relieve the three day boredom of the trip) but after introductions we see she has a mechanical owl on her shoulder that she is another scientist. I introduce her to Russo and they quickly get involved in a discussion of BORING porportions. The Lady Mary Somervile and I go back to our cards. On the first day I hear something on the roof of the train and decide to investigate, finding the mercenary on the roof, shadow dueling I decide to join him after he explains you never know when you might have to fight from a moving train. We spar for a couple of minutes when I try and sidestep and go over the side. I quickly bounce and slide to a halt and jump up, running over to the tracks to catch the second to last car. I jump back onboard and make my way back to the lounge when an Irate conductor tells me we are not allowed on the roof as it is dangerous. I tell him I’m quite all right but thank him for his concern and agree we won’t practice on the roof again.
Near evening of the second day Mckenna gets alarmed when she hears footsteps on the outside of the spider she is hiding in with the three prisoners. Thinking quickly she hits the steam whistle to let us know something is wrong. Hearing it in the lounge and hearing Russo say that is his spiders whistle I strap on my shield and charge back through the compartment yelling for everyone to get out of my way. (not wanting to annoy the conductor again if it wasn’t a real emergency). The Mercenary exits the coach car and climbs up to the roof straightaway and sees three men on the roof heading for the engine. He starts running to catch up. The sniper, having climbed on the roof as well behind him gets a shot off at one of the three, wounding him. The sniper quickly takes out the wounded man while the other two make it into the engine just before the Mercenary drops down out of sight behind them. The two men hit the emergency brakes in the engine and the Mercenary finds the engineer dead and one man holding the stoker door open while the other throws something in the fire. They then quickly turn and pull parachutes to suck them off the train quickly. The mercenary gets in a single hit, wounding one of the marines. He then pulls open the stoker door and reaches in to pull out a brass cylinder and tosses it quickly out of the window of the cab, after which he takes the emergency brake off to keep the train moving beyond whatever device it was.
Meanwhile, I was running back for the flatbed through the other passenger cars, everyone listened to my bellows and scrambled out of my way before I had to trample them under. The rest of the party from the lounge fell in behind me to include Mary Elizabeth. Just as I smashed through the last door onto the flatbed Mckenna had seen a marine head back to the baggage car from the porthole in the door of the spiders rear. Seeing us appear from the front she did something and a flock of disparate birds flew into the baggage compartment behind the marine. We heard screaming from inside, which quickly died off. I leapt up on top of the spider and as the sniper had turned back towards us was able to take the hand off of the first man I attacked, he fell off the train then. The second on the spider turned to me and the third continued to work. Mckenna got out of the back hatch as Mary Elizabeth skirted around the spider, apparently trying to get to her metal Pegasus in the rear to check on it, while Russo slipped under the spider to get to the hatch. After shrugging off my foe’s blow I took his ear off with a close hit but was able to grab him to keep him from falling off of the train when the flock of birds streamed past Mary Elizabeth who had just entered the baggage compartment and attacked the torch man. The fight was instantly over. As Lady Mary Elizabeth flew her Pegasus out of the baggage compartment she saw the parachutes still in the ski and flew her Pegasus into the top of one to collapse the chute and make the man fall, the sniper picked the man off and she repeated this with the second but he shed his red coat and slipped away in the tall grasses as we pulled forward. Scanning the skies I spotted a scout blimp headed away, Asking if anyone had anything that could get me up there the Dr handed me a backpack he said would float me slowly and Alistar got his flying machine from the cargo, we boarded and set off in pursuit. We were able to overtake it fairly quickly when it turned towards us and I told alister where to fly to be out of it’s weapons fire cones. We were able to avoid it through impressive piloting when it did get a shot off. I dropped onto the balloon and climbed down. Upon entering the cabin I saw a pilot and the Sgt Maj. I ordered them to surrender themselves and the Sgt Maj laughed and said he’d rather fall first, I grabbed him and threw him out the hatch, keeping a hold of him. I then drew my pistol with my other hand and shot the pilot. At that the Sgt Maj started fighting me. We were going back and forth, neither gaining much ground, he was trying to fall the 500 feet down, I was trying to keep him up when the autopilot who brought me fired his heavy gun and blew off the Sgt Maj’s leg. I quickly pulled him in the cabin and slapped some liquid skin on his leg stump to stop the bleeding and keep him alive, I quickly land the airship and we collect the two other marines not killed and toss them all in the spider. As we clean up the bodies and wrap them and toss them on the flatcar we collect their gear and equipment. Stripping the Marine tunics from them as they have dishonored it. We get everything reloaded and Russo strips the Gatling gun from his spider and mounts it on the roof. Russo also climbs a telegraph pole and sends an encrypted message to the capitol about the attack and an unencrypted message saying anarchists have attacked the train but it was defended successfully by the passengers. He then goes among the passengers and calms them with platitudes. I also make my way through the passenger cars telling all and one that I was personally affronted that the anarchist built an airship to look like a navy ship and put on Marine uniforms, obviously to get the people of Camina to think the Empire was their enemy. I left the impression that it’s a good thing there was a true marine on board to stop these anarchist and their foul plot. We woke the spare engineering team and got the train moving again, I got the Mercenary and both Lady Mary’s to accompany me on the airship to man the guns just in case.
We were met about 12 hours later, just after dawn by a fleet battleship. We stopped the train and I landed the airship to meet them. A boarding party of marines came out and demanded our weapons, I identified myself and said that we had covert prisoners to transport that MUST survive to reach the capitol. The NCO in charge called up and a captain came down to deal with me, after informing him of the classified prisoners he asked us to transfer them to the baggage compartment so they could lift it. Russo said they could have the whole spider as he had to rebuild it anyway. We took the Ore sample out of the spider and stripped it and they lifted it away with the prisoners. The captain asked who they were and I told him he did not have a need to know but that they must reach the capitol alive. He took his men and sent a prize party to the scoutship, the only difficulty was getting Lady Mary Elizabeth out of the scout ship as she was fascinated by it. We all boarded the train and continued our interrupted journey. We exited the train quickly upon arriving at the station, wanting to avoid the press once word of the attack spread via the other passengers. We sent our baggage and the Lady Mary Elizabeth on to our hotel and headed to the palace grounds for our meeting with Sir Edward. He asked a couple of introductory questions and when we told of the new scientist Lady Mary Elizabeth we had left at the hotel he sent for her and said we would continue when she had arrived.
While at the hotel Lady Elizabeth was working on some plans when knocking started at her door, she ignored it and it continued, finally she told them to go away and the knocking continued and she sent Vulcan, her clockwork to deal with it. As he got to the door it opened, the lock having been picked and he pounded the intruder, knocking him down and out. She approached him and not believing his protestations of being a palace servant after unlocking her door had him tossed out. She then barred the door and slipped out the window heading for the palace to demand action on this ruffian. She was intercepted just as she arrived at the main gates and directed to meet with us her companions, at that she accepted and was shown into our meeting room. Sir Edward returned, whereupon she protested vigorously at the treatment from one of his men and I supported her, can’t have the masses getting out of hand after all. Whereupon he apologized for him and we proceded. He told us we had succeed in our mission after reading our reports and successfully captured those responsible for the attack on the capitol. He paid us for two weeks, giving the new member a couple of Princes for her trouble and thanking her for her assistance. He offered her a position on our team and I explained that we hunted down threats to the empire and generally bad people and were paid 10 princes a week for expenses and such not. She accepted and we were finally ushered out with Sir Edward telling us that he would see us in a few days to give us our next mission.
We headed back to the hotel whereupon for the next few days we split, the scientist all heading back to Russo’s university to use the workshops and help him construct his next vehicle and the rest of us shopping or spending time in polite society.

4xp for the night 2nd lvl +5 xp total.

Snatch and grab
three in one night

We plan out the snatches for the next night. The Lady invites the “importer” out to dinner to discuss business and once he accepts and sends a note with the location and time we wait outside the restaurant in the alleys. We see a fine fancy coach that pulls out of the gardens with his coat of arms, and it is followed by a nondescript coach. The fancy coach pulls into the restaurant and lets our target off and the other stops about 100 ft up the street in the dark between two lamps. Mckenna hikes up her skirt and entices the driver into an alley and quickly clubs him out. I walk down the street and although the guard sees me I grab him and drag him off the coach. I then throw him into the alley and advance on him drawing my sword. As I do I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and see the walls of the wagon drop and two men raise up and start preparing a gatling gun to fire. Our sniper hits the gunner While Mckenna knocks the man I tossed into the alley out from behind. I turn and leap up into the coach and behead the gunner, the loader seeing this turns and flees, the sniper takes off after him. The student jumps up and unhooks the mount for the Gatling and tells Mckenna to carry it back to his spider. She grabs it and complies. I quickly raise the sides and I grab the two that Mckenna knocked out and kill them by crushing their throats and set them up on the coach. The Sniper chases the coachman for several blocks finally taking him out with his second shot at the foot of the gate guards of the Gardens, he splits quickly. When the Sniper comes back and reports the runner dead we strip the two coachmen and put the sniper and crazy doctor up impersonating them. We set up and wait for the target to leave. About ½ hour later we see the target coach coming out and I signal our captured coach to start taking up it’s position. I run ahead down a couple of alleys and we get about two blocks away still four blocks from the city gates into the Garden. I leap out in front and attack the left horse, taking off it’s leg in one blow and causing it to stumble and bring the coach to a screeching/crashing halt. While it is still moving I leap aboard and kill the driver. In the meantime, the footman at the back who during the crash stepped off of the coach casually leaps up to the top of the coach and we battle it out. While I am keeping the footman busy Mckenna rushes out of a side alley and tries to smash in a window. She finds that is thick armored glass. The trail coach pulls up and the Dr gives us his “jaws of Life”, which she uses to smash open the door. Meanwhile we finally take down the footman which we discover is an automaton. Grab the target and quickly bundle him up and knock him out. We toss him, the automaton parts and everything else into the trail coach on top of the dead bodies and we split.
The second target we are able to grab quietly and slip out of his house without anyone knowing. The third has excellent security (two guards in front and two in back) of his house and no way to the roof from surrounding buildings. We send the sniper to get the lady and find a perch up in the gardens where they can see the two rear guards and take them out simultaneously when they are ready. Myself and Mckenna set to rush the rear of the house as needed. We wait about 45 minutes when we hear the distant cracks just after we see both guards heads explode. We rush them and drag their bodies into cover. We then slip up to the back door. There the doctor makes a key and lets us in. We slip into the kitchens and find a service stairs up. About halfway up we hear a bell tinkling softly above us as I step down on a soft step. Knowing it’s an alarm we charge upstairs, enter a hallway, seeing a door open we rush it and Mckenna and myself hit the guard who just opened it, killing him quickly. I catch the body on the way down and we slip down to the main bedroom. We find no more guards and are able to capture the target without setting off any more alarms, we see a couple of servants doors start to open and warn them back inside. They quietly shut the doors and make no noise. While searching his quarters for papers I find a hidden room. Finding out how to open it we find a large nodule (some sort of metallic node) and lots of notes. I take all the papers and notes and being able to carry the boulder I carry it downstairs and out the back where we load the target, and boulder. We slip away and head down to the warrens to our investigation room.
Information found from the interrogation.
From the first man, the importer who lived in the gardens we get a contact name of the Falcon, who is in the watch. I recognize the description as the Sgt Major of the Base.
The third man knows a contact named Ian Benton, he works in the railyard. The ore was shipped from the west, from Adventu. With this information we decide that we had better report in with the information we have before we start trying to snatch major military figures. We were able to grab various valuable items from the houses of the two we hit in the markets.

3 xp for the night, 2nd level and 1 xp remaining.

Dark Business (and “he got better”)
Dark Business (and “he got better”)

Dark Business (and “he got better”)
We slip down to the Grays in twos to meet up a block away from the target building, we enter and find a workshop on the bottom floor and a residence up above. We head up and find a couple asleep, we grab the man quietly and knock him unconscious and take him downstairs, as we leave I have the mercenary search his office for anything else, we find a rolled paper wax sealed with some sort of briar, and a cypher book. The letter is written in old Terra, (Irish) and includes some street references in the cypher book. We get the scientist together and they are able to determine that it is a map, NOT a street map but it looks like tunnels, under the city. From what we are seeing from the scale it is under this city. The Grimbriar society is a collection of hardliners from all the clans, including Camina. The Grimbriar society finds more sympathizers in the other three clans but other nations don’t support them as they are extremist. The scholar is able to figure out more of the cypher. We determine that we need time to fully decode it. We collect some of his things to make it look like he took off in the night and leave the flying watch on the counter as if he received a message. We slip around the grays and I disguise myself as a drunk and his drunken friend in a wheel barrel and we slip up into the warrens and make contact with our contact at a house of ill repute. He directs us to a apartment in the warrens where we can interrogate the terrorist without attracting attention.
We arrive at the apartment, tie him to the table and after waking him up with a gag start beating him senseless. With the concoctions that Dave give him he is alert and calm the whole time. After beating him for a while I start to take off his gag and stop, say not quite yet, and start beating him again. After that we start questioning him. He is fully cowed. His name is Michael Hoolihan, they are seeking the artifacts that belong to the clans. His cell consists of contacts, Heath McAlister, Kevin Edmonds, Luewellen Diarmid. His contact with another cell is Barrett Finley, his cells mission was to see if they could find access to the tunnels in the gray. The tunnel information came from the sealed letter from a nameless man in Cambrogh. The other three members of his cell are all in the grays, they meet at the thistledown pub, they just met two days ago so the next meeting will be in five days. The flying watch was to signal danger from Barrett Finleys cell. We verify the cryptic code to decode his book and after talking to the city contact we give him mercy, after getting information from him on where to find a message for his wife. Before he died he said the five would take revenge, Fire, sun, earth, water, air and wood.
I head back to the quarters and the next morning I shop for alcohol for my party and the scholar and scientist spend a few hours to decode the book and try to determine where the entrances to the tunnels could be located. The entrance should be at the base of the hill, within the grays, just inside the second wall. We still do not know the orientation of the map. I set up the alcohol and prepare for the dinner tonight. That day we finish the decoding and after talking the Mercenary comes up with a WAG (Wild Ass Guess) about the entrance being facing the rising sun as they did revere the sun. That afternoon several members check the area on the east side near the wall. Our noble lady spends a couple of days gadding about town looking for cultural information. She finds out about the crown on top of the hill and the morning after the dinner party we head up and examine the stone circle and center stone. I remember that there are five terminius points on the map tunnels and each has markings for it. I write down the symbols and we start looking on the writing of each stone for the symbols.
We are to determine that four of the terminus points are the cardinal points at the base of the hill and the fifth is on the top of the hill. Mckenna tells us that one of the terminus points relates to terra, which is South-East from here. We start looking for the fifth terminus, we find a rabbit trail that ends under a bush, lifting up the bush we find a hole that goes down and disappears into the hill dropping away from the rabbit warren and expanding out quickly.
In the meantime, the Mercenary and companion, starts scouting around for the three members of the cell, he is able to find their locations, they find McAlister is a respected smuggler, Edmunds is contractor respected by the wealthy and despised by the poor as he is a slum lord, who has been trying to acquire a piece of property on the western side of the neighborhood. The third target Diarmid owns a foundry.
Pete in the meantime is working on some private construction in a workshop he borrowed. We send runners out when we get back to assemble at the scholars lodging. We meet there later and the scholar and Mckenna are pulled aside to meet with the four clan elders.

The first crypt is reminiscent of the medieval catacombs, bodies on the wall in niches. Each one of the bodies has a crown and weapons of pitted iron and copper. At the end of the tunnel is a small chamber with five sides, with a rough stone slab in the middle with a skeleton and a short copper sword. The crown on the skeleton in the end has a couple of gems and his sword looks less decayed. There is what used to be a box, metal bindings but no wood left, there are worn, eroded bits of cloth, some baubles, a goblet, an old elk drinking horn, copper armbands on the skeleton. We examine him further and find he has a thick torque. We take the torque, crown and sword, as well as the goblet and drinking horn and armbands. As I pry the fingers off of the sword I feel a jolt of electricity. The second passage is the same scenario. I take the same items. The sword has no reaction but the torque zaps me. The third passage the king at the end has a rough Iron sword, celtic runes, the pommel is wire wrapped with gold. The crown is gold but the torque is copper. We head back to the main passage, it winds around for a while.
We come across more light moss at the intersection. It has quite the green glow here. We find three passages and find the no nooks and at the end a stone slab with stone slab, the skeleton is human but he is surrounded by animal skeletons. These are sheep/goats or early cows. This is the tomb of a Tera King. He has a short copper sword, a copper buckler, a torque and no crown. McKenna secures the Terra artifacts. She notices the sword glows green. When she grabs the buckler they both glow, we hear the sounds of tiny tinkling bells and mushrooms start growing from the room. As she grabs the torque and twists it off the skeletons neck the torque starts glowing as well. She puts the torque and shield on and the mushrooms grow more and eerily start growing in a circle. The old ancient roots in the ceiling start leafing out with flowers. She steps forward and disappears in a flash of light, Dave goes forward to harvest flowers and roots and she appears.
The second passage is another king, longer sword, torque, shield no crown, nothing happens with this one.
The last king has a crown, sword fashion in the old imperial style with runes of war/resistance/defiance carved in it in celtic. Mckenna removes his items with nothing of note happening.
The next king is Comragh, (Wales), the first one has no niches on the side, No stone slab, but a stone throne with the skeleton sitting there, with a huge iron crown, as we get closer we notice his skeleton has been wired with fine copper. He has a torque and copper sword. Second chamber has another wire wrapped skeleton, big iron crown, and iron coins scattered across the floor. He has a iron torque and an Iron sword that is not pitted in any way. The Mercenary takes these items as well. Third skeleton is wired as well, with a copper crown, an iron torque and a steel sword. There are some coins of steel stacked neatly on his throne arms. It seems to have the marks of the Gauls. I find a compartment hidden in his throne, the scholar says that he is the Iron Lord, he supplied a tremendous amount of Iron weapons and armor during the Russo during one of their disputes, according to the histories he was instrumental in putting Pete’s bloodline on the throne. In the hatch is a piece of oil cloth rolled up on top of a box. The oil cloth is an oath of betrothal. This king gave his daughter to Russo and together they will fight against this encroaching intruders, this is the king that stopped the empire from expanding further. The appears to be a skeletal hand in the box, it has a ring, an imperial ring it is a generals ring from the imperial family.
We arrive at the fourth set of kings, Clan Wallach (Scotland) the first skeleton is not there, in it’s place is a huge sword. It is the most intricately marked sword that I have ever seen. The sword is Iron but is cleanly forged, the kid says it is cold forged iron. The second burial chamber has a slab and a skeleton and a miniature Stonehenge around the room. He is wearing a torque. The third chamber has a giant pedestal with a claymore stabbed into the top of it. Behind that is a slab with a tapestry or flag whole, un-rotted and un-tattered. The kids says the tartan is well known, below the tartan is a fresh looking corpse with a great wound in it’s belly. The tartan of McBrey. He is dressed in the clothes of the ancients with a torque. The kid folds up the tapestry carefully and takes the torque. Myself and McKenna try to remove the sword from the stone and fail, finally the kid walks up with the torque on and pulls the stone out smoothly. While we were examining the sword the Friar walks up and messes with the corpse, injecting something into it. The great wound starts to close up and the corpse stands up. Most of the group run from the room but McKenna, and I stay. The man says something in a strange language, finally McKenna seems to be able to talk to him and they talk for several minutes. I ask her to translate but she fails to remember that. She finally asks me to get the kid with the sword. I track the sword drag marks back to the last intersection and find everyone gathered in the light of the lichen. I lead them back to the chamber with the non-dead king. He asks for the sword and the kid gives it back, the Friar says that the kid is a king, the king says he must be a bastard. The kid gives him back the torque as well. After a long discussion McKenna says he will come with us. I warn him of mechanical devices and we start back to the main intersection. We meet Alistar and Nate coming down. Up the winding circular staircase is a large chamber with four slabs with four skeletons, one has a crown placed at his feet and has a chain draped across his chest. He was the last High king of Camina, he who surrendered to the Empire. The mercenary had stripped the bodies of the kings in the fifth chamber. We head out the way I came in and get back to the smelter in the early morning before dawn. We load up in to the transport, after the king craps his pants seeing Pete’s new mechanical spider, and we head back to the merchant inn pete is staying at. He goes in to contact the clan elders.
We go upstairs to meet them, they seem surprised and disbelieving when we start our story, finally McKenna says something and the Wallach elder takes the king aside and starts talking to him in Gaelic. After some dissension Pete reminds the clan elders that they had given the authority to determine the disposition of spoils to McKenna, they ask her what is her decision, she says they should be returned to the clans, as the Camina Elder tries to claim the Camina artifacts I object. I state that he does NOT speak for Clan Camina as the Clan High King surrendered to the authority of the Empire, the other elders could speak for their clans but only the Queen could speak for Camina, they objected but I insisted that the items go to the queen to decide as she was the clan head, even though she was not of Caiman blood. McKenna agreed with me and told me to try on the items that had shocked me before. I placed the torque upon myself and drew the sword, the shocking changed to tingling and a pleasant feeling before fading into the background. She said the items had been claimed by my blood. I said ok and gathered up the rest to deliver to the queen. As we broke up I requested transport from the Russo to the airship base to talk to the Provost. I would ask for passage to the capitol to deliver the hand and ring immediately.

Four xp for the night. 10 total

Chéad Chathair investigation
Flying clockworks bombs defused

Chéad Chathair
The commoners group finds lodging in the warrens at the Iron Goat, and myself and the noble lady moves on up to the Gardens. Our hired guide/instructor (Pete) finds lodging at a Cambria inn Lassiters, in the marketplace. The Household staff tells me that a disreputable man is asking for me in the kitchen. I tell him it is probably one of my former marines and to invite him in. he greets me and after the servants leave he tells me that their group has found lodgings in the Iron Goat. I thank him and he takes his leave. During Lunch a messenger comes in and gives us a message from our scholar. He has a meeting in the Grays later that evening and I ask the lady if she would like to go out on the town tonight. We finish lunch and go shopping in the Gardens, after being insulted by one shop we spend time and money in a couple of others and then head down to the markets to shop for “rough” clothing and gear for the archeological digs. I buy two cloaks, one larger than the other and Medium armor and a shield, all in greys. We finish the afternoon and head back to my families’ townhouse. We tell the staff we will have an early dinner and then retire for the night early as we are tired, we will not need their services after that for the night. After the staff leave we change and head out.
The meeting address is a stable and coach house. I walk past and check it out and see one large man on guard with a cudgel, I report and pete says to head in, the guard says we either stay out here or leave our weapons if we wish to enter. There are three men inside, they greet Pete and ask if Isabel has need of her services. They seem surprised to see me with them and after a short talk they identify the target man as probably of the Grimbriar society, ones who want to overthrow the Empire, they are clanners through and through. They care nothing for Monte Russo but will only attack anyone who gets in their way. Pete continues to talk and they think that both men must have been Grimbriars. They seem to think they are crafty bastards. He says he has worked with a few of them and they are a bit to crazy to stick around, he says they are too militant to be useful alleys. He does not know where they could have worked from but it could have been town or anywhere in clan territory. He recognizes one of the two men we captured as having worked with him on a job. He knows where he lived in the warrens. His name was Jessup Winzer. Pete’s contact says he bought arms and ammunition from him.
Nate comes over in the morning and tells us of a gentleman from the imperial air core that was courting someone but is now missing. It’s possible he was one of the two individuals who executed the attack. I make my apologies to the lady and head out to the imperial Airship base to talk to the marine officers and get a bit of sword practice in. The other group heads down to find pete and they “hire” the rest of the group as guards to head down to the Warrens to find and search Jessup’s quarters. Once they arrive at the building Pete starts going into his spiel about the ancient ruins, he attracts everyone’s attention from the neighborhood, during the commotion Nate slips away, enters the building and slips into the apartment by picking the lock. He notices that the room is a couple of feet too short and searches it, he finds a box and a map. He slips out and as he gives the nod to Pete, Pete says “ oh, this is the wrong building”, amid the derision of the locals they leave and head back to Pete’s inn, they examine the map and find it to be a map showing airship routes, the box is opened by Dave who comes up with a key after a few seconds of looking at it. They find several smaller boxes, they smell smoking fuse, Alistair quickly disarms the dynamite and they find five of the other boxes have penny nails and the sixth has a brass pocket watch, another box that looks like a jewelers box. Inside the jewelers box is a silver pocket watch, it and the brass seems to be in perfect synchronicity, they are both Zeisenfang designs. The gadgeteers note that both have spring and clockworks that are not part of a regular pocketwatch. They figure out that the two watches will click together and when he clicks them together they flutter and start flying up slowly, they quickly catch it and tie a leash to it. They follow it to a workshop in the warrens. They split and send the mercenary to catch up to me at the base. On the way up the hill they see a clanker take off from the airship base near the top of the hill. It soars up to the sky and just before it would disappear out of sight a small figure separates and they see it falling and maneuvering and finally an any altitude parachute opens and lands in the military compound.
I head to the base and after entering make my way to the officers club, after making contact with a couple of marine and airship officers I head to sword practice with them and work out, while working out I get information on our target, a Barrett Finley, a helm second on the Zephyr who has been missing for a week, the Imperator is looking for him and even has offered a reward from his own pocket as this could look bad for him. I continue to be friendly and ask if if the Zephyr is in port, they say it is due back in a couple of days. I ask if there is an patrol taking off today that I can get a ride up on. They ask why and I say that I want to sail up and jump, might as well get in a practice jump while I’m here. They offer to have a clanker modified for me to hang on and take me up. I jump at the chance and we stand around and joke while a couple of mechanics weld handholds on a clanker, I grab on and the thing takes off straight up. Once reaching altitude it levels out and I drop off, after an exhilarating 10,000 ft drop I open my parachute and land on the parade ground. To be met my the officers and a messenger. After landing a runner comes up and tells me that there is a mercenary looking for me at the gate. I give my thanks to the officers and invite them over tomorrow night at the Lawrence townhouse in the gardens the next night for dinner. They accept and I take my leave with the mercenary.
On the way down the hill we meet with the group and I get the lady to invite the rest of the group to the townhouse for an afternoon tea. I act helpless around the staff and apologize for the guards and ruffians the lady has hired to protect her around town and inform them that after tea the lady will be retiring for the night and does not want to be disturbed so they can take the afternoon off as I will have need of them the following night for a dinner party with some of the officers from the base.
The brother of the girl Finley was seeing is Mickey O’shay, the bounty hunter finds out that he works at the bottoms at the railyard, he finds which switch he works at as well. He heads off to contact him and get a description of the missing Barrett, Mickey seems angry and tells him that he wants to smash Finley’s face in for breaking his sisters heart, after questioning the bounty hunters motives comes to an agreement and gives him an accurate description of the second man and all his haunts and hangouts around town. He tells him that he needs to be delivered to him first to have his face smashed and then he can be taken in for the bounty. The bounty hunter agrees and Mickey tells him if he ends up in the knick first that he will smash his face in instead.
After the bounty hunter gets back with the description we bid adue to the group after arranging to meet them at a corner near the target workshop in the Warrens. We then dress for the night and slip out of the gardens district.

The Fiery Airship
Airship crash

Nicole- Mary Somervile Noble Hunter
Kevin Robert Stevenson Gene scientist
Nate Cas Long Soldier
Ash Greg Grace Camina Sharpshooter
Sabrina Mckenna O’riley Terra corner of Camina Boxer
Dave Friar Jaep
Bob Lt Nathanial E Lawrence Noble Marine
Alister Gabange Terra Nova

While in a bar I see and hear a large commotion outside, it appears to be an airship going down into the business district. I unstrap my shield and charge toward it. As I run down the street I see a fire steam wagon heading toward the crash. I jump on board and jump off in a few blocks in the business district when I see the dirigible crashed on top of a building with the back of the gondola on the ground and the rest slanted up. The air bag is on fire and we hear screams from inside. Seeing a University Student with a large hat and a red feather giving orders to organize the response. He seems to be doing a great job so I smash in with my shield and start throwing people out. Quickly a big female jumps in and starts helping me throw them out to the other passer byers. We empty the gondola out handing them all down or out the windows. Down below they are checked over by a doctor and if necessary given Mercy from a Mercenary. As we reach the cockpit we find all five crew dead from gunshots. The gunshots came from inside the cabin. Feeling the airbag finally collapse on the gondola completely we jump out the windows to the ground below. The female is caught by a large black man who had been catching people as we tossed them out the windows. I landed well and rolled up and we ran away from the inferno. Upon seeing the constables arrive I asked for an investigator and upon his arrival the big female (named McKenna) and I reported that this was not an accident. We reported the five dead crew but told them we had no knowledge of how many there should be. We heard a Mont Rosso voice yell out that there was a crew of five on this class of airship. Not seeing where the voice came from I told of the assistance of Mckenna and the Mont Rosso University student.
After quickly washing off by the firemen Mckenna and I want back to the pub we came from to wet our whistle. We spent the rest of the evening working over a meal and several pitchers of ale and I finally staggered back to the family townhouse in the early morning. I got up early and headed down to find out what the investigator had discovered about the crash. He reported that they had information on two individuals they thought were involved and were going to arrest them that morning. I ask for the information and was told that they were going to seize them at the train station headed east at 11am. I thanked him and told him I would be there to ensure they were brought to justice. I went back and rousted Mckenna out of her bed and when I informed her of where were going she got very energetic. We went to the train station just before 11 and bought lunch at one of the vendors kiosks to pass as normal. At 11 precisely, just after the conductor called for all aboard the constables rushed all the train exits. Mckenna and myself placed ourselves in front of the train, one on either side to watch for anyone bailing out the windows. Sure enough two men came flying out and started running towards Mckenna on her side. She clotheslined them both and dropped them. I immediately jumped on one and shield smashed him. A third man, the Mercenary from the crash appeared and put his sword to one mans throat and scared him into submission, Mckenna and I wrestled with the second until we had him subdued, whereupon he bit into a false tooth and started foaming at the mouth and twitching. Mckenna tried to punch him in the groin again to induce vomiting and I called out for anyone who could help with a man that poisoned himself. A kid 12-13 years old ran up and said he could help, not having any other choice I stepped back and he pulled out a syringe with glowing liquid in it and injected the man in the neck. Over the next few minutes the mans color returned and he finally stabilized enough to be chained and taken away by the constables. The lead investigator asked all of us to return to the constables offices with him to file reports. We arrived there and were just finished in dictating our reports when a gentlemen came in asking for us to accompany him to the royal offices. After a little indecision on the part of the child we all joined and went, I spent the transit time cleaning my boots and shining my brass and leather.

We are shown into a receiving room where there is wind laid out and two benches on either side of the table. We help ourselves to refreshments and I serve the Noble Lady. I take stock of my companions and remember most of them from the crash site yesterday. We discuss the reason for our being here and a couple express their concern that we might be punished in some way. I reassure them that the queen would hardly execute us for saving part of the city from fire. A door opens up and we see a distinguished gentlemen wearing the knights symbol enter and thank us for all attending. The knight says that he normally he doesn’t care about these things and because we took action and of the circumstances of the crash he gathered us up. We will work for him for either loyalty or pay. Because of our wide and assundry backgrounds we do not display a unified front to the public. He wants us to take a train east, there is one major city between here and the coast. Our orders are to try to find the dissidents that sent that duo here to crash the zeppelin. It left for the city Shay-chatrak two days ago. We are to identify the dissidents. There will be a handler awaiting us when we arrive. The next train leaves tomorrow morning. He will be our paymaster for 5 princes per week. We are not there on queens business.
We board the train in two parties, the nobles and servants and the others….We arrive in the target city and the nobles load our luggage and talk among ourselves, the Monte Russo Noble teenager tells me that to let slip that he is the son of the proper queen of Monte Russo, who was deposed by her brother. I wander over to the noble lady and mention that I wished she had found another guide beside the young former queens son to guide us as he was annoying, she agreed but said that he was very knowledgeable. I made sure I would be overheard carefully. The ruffian group upon disembarking finds that this town is restive. This used to be where the four clans met in the old days, the city is wholly in Camina when it used to be a neutral city of the clans. This city is a powder keg. The balance of power is tricky because the three clans could combine and overwhelm Camina, but Odiarca could sail the air fleet over and bomb everyone.
Three exp for the night.


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