Scions of Invention

Chéad Chathair investigation

Flying clockworks bombs defused

Chéad Chathair
The commoners group finds lodging in the warrens at the Iron Goat, and myself and the noble lady moves on up to the Gardens. Our hired guide/instructor (Pete) finds lodging at a Cambria inn Lassiters, in the marketplace. The Household staff tells me that a disreputable man is asking for me in the kitchen. I tell him it is probably one of my former marines and to invite him in. he greets me and after the servants leave he tells me that their group has found lodgings in the Iron Goat. I thank him and he takes his leave. During Lunch a messenger comes in and gives us a message from our scholar. He has a meeting in the Grays later that evening and I ask the lady if she would like to go out on the town tonight. We finish lunch and go shopping in the Gardens, after being insulted by one shop we spend time and money in a couple of others and then head down to the markets to shop for “rough” clothing and gear for the archeological digs. I buy two cloaks, one larger than the other and Medium armor and a shield, all in greys. We finish the afternoon and head back to my families’ townhouse. We tell the staff we will have an early dinner and then retire for the night early as we are tired, we will not need their services after that for the night. After the staff leave we change and head out.
The meeting address is a stable and coach house. I walk past and check it out and see one large man on guard with a cudgel, I report and pete says to head in, the guard says we either stay out here or leave our weapons if we wish to enter. There are three men inside, they greet Pete and ask if Isabel has need of her services. They seem surprised to see me with them and after a short talk they identify the target man as probably of the Grimbriar society, ones who want to overthrow the Empire, they are clanners through and through. They care nothing for Monte Russo but will only attack anyone who gets in their way. Pete continues to talk and they think that both men must have been Grimbriars. They seem to think they are crafty bastards. He says he has worked with a few of them and they are a bit to crazy to stick around, he says they are too militant to be useful alleys. He does not know where they could have worked from but it could have been town or anywhere in clan territory. He recognizes one of the two men we captured as having worked with him on a job. He knows where he lived in the warrens. His name was Jessup Winzer. Pete’s contact says he bought arms and ammunition from him.
Nate comes over in the morning and tells us of a gentleman from the imperial air core that was courting someone but is now missing. It’s possible he was one of the two individuals who executed the attack. I make my apologies to the lady and head out to the imperial Airship base to talk to the marine officers and get a bit of sword practice in. The other group heads down to find pete and they “hire” the rest of the group as guards to head down to the Warrens to find and search Jessup’s quarters. Once they arrive at the building Pete starts going into his spiel about the ancient ruins, he attracts everyone’s attention from the neighborhood, during the commotion Nate slips away, enters the building and slips into the apartment by picking the lock. He notices that the room is a couple of feet too short and searches it, he finds a box and a map. He slips out and as he gives the nod to Pete, Pete says “ oh, this is the wrong building”, amid the derision of the locals they leave and head back to Pete’s inn, they examine the map and find it to be a map showing airship routes, the box is opened by Dave who comes up with a key after a few seconds of looking at it. They find several smaller boxes, they smell smoking fuse, Alistair quickly disarms the dynamite and they find five of the other boxes have penny nails and the sixth has a brass pocket watch, another box that looks like a jewelers box. Inside the jewelers box is a silver pocket watch, it and the brass seems to be in perfect synchronicity, they are both Zeisenfang designs. The gadgeteers note that both have spring and clockworks that are not part of a regular pocketwatch. They figure out that the two watches will click together and when he clicks them together they flutter and start flying up slowly, they quickly catch it and tie a leash to it. They follow it to a workshop in the warrens. They split and send the mercenary to catch up to me at the base. On the way up the hill they see a clanker take off from the airship base near the top of the hill. It soars up to the sky and just before it would disappear out of sight a small figure separates and they see it falling and maneuvering and finally an any altitude parachute opens and lands in the military compound.
I head to the base and after entering make my way to the officers club, after making contact with a couple of marine and airship officers I head to sword practice with them and work out, while working out I get information on our target, a Barrett Finley, a helm second on the Zephyr who has been missing for a week, the Imperator is looking for him and even has offered a reward from his own pocket as this could look bad for him. I continue to be friendly and ask if if the Zephyr is in port, they say it is due back in a couple of days. I ask if there is an patrol taking off today that I can get a ride up on. They ask why and I say that I want to sail up and jump, might as well get in a practice jump while I’m here. They offer to have a clanker modified for me to hang on and take me up. I jump at the chance and we stand around and joke while a couple of mechanics weld handholds on a clanker, I grab on and the thing takes off straight up. Once reaching altitude it levels out and I drop off, after an exhilarating 10,000 ft drop I open my parachute and land on the parade ground. To be met my the officers and a messenger. After landing a runner comes up and tells me that there is a mercenary looking for me at the gate. I give my thanks to the officers and invite them over tomorrow night at the Lawrence townhouse in the gardens the next night for dinner. They accept and I take my leave with the mercenary.
On the way down the hill we meet with the group and I get the lady to invite the rest of the group to the townhouse for an afternoon tea. I act helpless around the staff and apologize for the guards and ruffians the lady has hired to protect her around town and inform them that after tea the lady will be retiring for the night and does not want to be disturbed so they can take the afternoon off as I will have need of them the following night for a dinner party with some of the officers from the base.
The brother of the girl Finley was seeing is Mickey O’shay, the bounty hunter finds out that he works at the bottoms at the railyard, he finds which switch he works at as well. He heads off to contact him and get a description of the missing Barrett, Mickey seems angry and tells him that he wants to smash Finley’s face in for breaking his sisters heart, after questioning the bounty hunters motives comes to an agreement and gives him an accurate description of the second man and all his haunts and hangouts around town. He tells him that he needs to be delivered to him first to have his face smashed and then he can be taken in for the bounty. The bounty hunter agrees and Mickey tells him if he ends up in the knick first that he will smash his face in instead.
After the bounty hunter gets back with the description we bid adue to the group after arranging to meet them at a corner near the target workshop in the Warrens. We then dress for the night and slip out of the gardens district.



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