Scions of Invention

Dark Business (and “he got better”)

Dark Business (and “he got better”)

Dark Business (and “he got better”)
We slip down to the Grays in twos to meet up a block away from the target building, we enter and find a workshop on the bottom floor and a residence up above. We head up and find a couple asleep, we grab the man quietly and knock him unconscious and take him downstairs, as we leave I have the mercenary search his office for anything else, we find a rolled paper wax sealed with some sort of briar, and a cypher book. The letter is written in old Terra, (Irish) and includes some street references in the cypher book. We get the scientist together and they are able to determine that it is a map, NOT a street map but it looks like tunnels, under the city. From what we are seeing from the scale it is under this city. The Grimbriar society is a collection of hardliners from all the clans, including Camina. The Grimbriar society finds more sympathizers in the other three clans but other nations don’t support them as they are extremist. The scholar is able to figure out more of the cypher. We determine that we need time to fully decode it. We collect some of his things to make it look like he took off in the night and leave the flying watch on the counter as if he received a message. We slip around the grays and I disguise myself as a drunk and his drunken friend in a wheel barrel and we slip up into the warrens and make contact with our contact at a house of ill repute. He directs us to a apartment in the warrens where we can interrogate the terrorist without attracting attention.
We arrive at the apartment, tie him to the table and after waking him up with a gag start beating him senseless. With the concoctions that Dave give him he is alert and calm the whole time. After beating him for a while I start to take off his gag and stop, say not quite yet, and start beating him again. After that we start questioning him. He is fully cowed. His name is Michael Hoolihan, they are seeking the artifacts that belong to the clans. His cell consists of contacts, Heath McAlister, Kevin Edmonds, Luewellen Diarmid. His contact with another cell is Barrett Finley, his cells mission was to see if they could find access to the tunnels in the gray. The tunnel information came from the sealed letter from a nameless man in Cambrogh. The other three members of his cell are all in the grays, they meet at the thistledown pub, they just met two days ago so the next meeting will be in five days. The flying watch was to signal danger from Barrett Finleys cell. We verify the cryptic code to decode his book and after talking to the city contact we give him mercy, after getting information from him on where to find a message for his wife. Before he died he said the five would take revenge, Fire, sun, earth, water, air and wood.
I head back to the quarters and the next morning I shop for alcohol for my party and the scholar and scientist spend a few hours to decode the book and try to determine where the entrances to the tunnels could be located. The entrance should be at the base of the hill, within the grays, just inside the second wall. We still do not know the orientation of the map. I set up the alcohol and prepare for the dinner tonight. That day we finish the decoding and after talking the Mercenary comes up with a WAG (Wild Ass Guess) about the entrance being facing the rising sun as they did revere the sun. That afternoon several members check the area on the east side near the wall. Our noble lady spends a couple of days gadding about town looking for cultural information. She finds out about the crown on top of the hill and the morning after the dinner party we head up and examine the stone circle and center stone. I remember that there are five terminius points on the map tunnels and each has markings for it. I write down the symbols and we start looking on the writing of each stone for the symbols.
We are to determine that four of the terminus points are the cardinal points at the base of the hill and the fifth is on the top of the hill. Mckenna tells us that one of the terminus points relates to terra, which is South-East from here. We start looking for the fifth terminus, we find a rabbit trail that ends under a bush, lifting up the bush we find a hole that goes down and disappears into the hill dropping away from the rabbit warren and expanding out quickly.
In the meantime, the Mercenary and companion, starts scouting around for the three members of the cell, he is able to find their locations, they find McAlister is a respected smuggler, Edmunds is contractor respected by the wealthy and despised by the poor as he is a slum lord, who has been trying to acquire a piece of property on the western side of the neighborhood. The third target Diarmid owns a foundry.
Pete in the meantime is working on some private construction in a workshop he borrowed. We send runners out when we get back to assemble at the scholars lodging. We meet there later and the scholar and Mckenna are pulled aside to meet with the four clan elders.

The first crypt is reminiscent of the medieval catacombs, bodies on the wall in niches. Each one of the bodies has a crown and weapons of pitted iron and copper. At the end of the tunnel is a small chamber with five sides, with a rough stone slab in the middle with a skeleton and a short copper sword. The crown on the skeleton in the end has a couple of gems and his sword looks less decayed. There is what used to be a box, metal bindings but no wood left, there are worn, eroded bits of cloth, some baubles, a goblet, an old elk drinking horn, copper armbands on the skeleton. We examine him further and find he has a thick torque. We take the torque, crown and sword, as well as the goblet and drinking horn and armbands. As I pry the fingers off of the sword I feel a jolt of electricity. The second passage is the same scenario. I take the same items. The sword has no reaction but the torque zaps me. The third passage the king at the end has a rough Iron sword, celtic runes, the pommel is wire wrapped with gold. The crown is gold but the torque is copper. We head back to the main passage, it winds around for a while.
We come across more light moss at the intersection. It has quite the green glow here. We find three passages and find the no nooks and at the end a stone slab with stone slab, the skeleton is human but he is surrounded by animal skeletons. These are sheep/goats or early cows. This is the tomb of a Tera King. He has a short copper sword, a copper buckler, a torque and no crown. McKenna secures the Terra artifacts. She notices the sword glows green. When she grabs the buckler they both glow, we hear the sounds of tiny tinkling bells and mushrooms start growing from the room. As she grabs the torque and twists it off the skeletons neck the torque starts glowing as well. She puts the torque and shield on and the mushrooms grow more and eerily start growing in a circle. The old ancient roots in the ceiling start leafing out with flowers. She steps forward and disappears in a flash of light, Dave goes forward to harvest flowers and roots and she appears.
The second passage is another king, longer sword, torque, shield no crown, nothing happens with this one.
The last king has a crown, sword fashion in the old imperial style with runes of war/resistance/defiance carved in it in celtic. Mckenna removes his items with nothing of note happening.
The next king is Comragh, (Wales), the first one has no niches on the side, No stone slab, but a stone throne with the skeleton sitting there, with a huge iron crown, as we get closer we notice his skeleton has been wired with fine copper. He has a torque and copper sword. Second chamber has another wire wrapped skeleton, big iron crown, and iron coins scattered across the floor. He has a iron torque and an Iron sword that is not pitted in any way. The Mercenary takes these items as well. Third skeleton is wired as well, with a copper crown, an iron torque and a steel sword. There are some coins of steel stacked neatly on his throne arms. It seems to have the marks of the Gauls. I find a compartment hidden in his throne, the scholar says that he is the Iron Lord, he supplied a tremendous amount of Iron weapons and armor during the Russo during one of their disputes, according to the histories he was instrumental in putting Pete’s bloodline on the throne. In the hatch is a piece of oil cloth rolled up on top of a box. The oil cloth is an oath of betrothal. This king gave his daughter to Russo and together they will fight against this encroaching intruders, this is the king that stopped the empire from expanding further. The appears to be a skeletal hand in the box, it has a ring, an imperial ring it is a generals ring from the imperial family.
We arrive at the fourth set of kings, Clan Wallach (Scotland) the first skeleton is not there, in it’s place is a huge sword. It is the most intricately marked sword that I have ever seen. The sword is Iron but is cleanly forged, the kid says it is cold forged iron. The second burial chamber has a slab and a skeleton and a miniature Stonehenge around the room. He is wearing a torque. The third chamber has a giant pedestal with a claymore stabbed into the top of it. Behind that is a slab with a tapestry or flag whole, un-rotted and un-tattered. The kids says the tartan is well known, below the tartan is a fresh looking corpse with a great wound in it’s belly. The tartan of McBrey. He is dressed in the clothes of the ancients with a torque. The kid folds up the tapestry carefully and takes the torque. Myself and McKenna try to remove the sword from the stone and fail, finally the kid walks up with the torque on and pulls the stone out smoothly. While we were examining the sword the Friar walks up and messes with the corpse, injecting something into it. The great wound starts to close up and the corpse stands up. Most of the group run from the room but McKenna, and I stay. The man says something in a strange language, finally McKenna seems to be able to talk to him and they talk for several minutes. I ask her to translate but she fails to remember that. She finally asks me to get the kid with the sword. I track the sword drag marks back to the last intersection and find everyone gathered in the light of the lichen. I lead them back to the chamber with the non-dead king. He asks for the sword and the kid gives it back, the Friar says that the kid is a king, the king says he must be a bastard. The kid gives him back the torque as well. After a long discussion McKenna says he will come with us. I warn him of mechanical devices and we start back to the main intersection. We meet Alistar and Nate coming down. Up the winding circular staircase is a large chamber with four slabs with four skeletons, one has a crown placed at his feet and has a chain draped across his chest. He was the last High king of Camina, he who surrendered to the Empire. The mercenary had stripped the bodies of the kings in the fifth chamber. We head out the way I came in and get back to the smelter in the early morning before dawn. We load up in to the transport, after the king craps his pants seeing Pete’s new mechanical spider, and we head back to the merchant inn pete is staying at. He goes in to contact the clan elders.
We go upstairs to meet them, they seem surprised and disbelieving when we start our story, finally McKenna says something and the Wallach elder takes the king aside and starts talking to him in Gaelic. After some dissension Pete reminds the clan elders that they had given the authority to determine the disposition of spoils to McKenna, they ask her what is her decision, she says they should be returned to the clans, as the Camina Elder tries to claim the Camina artifacts I object. I state that he does NOT speak for Clan Camina as the Clan High King surrendered to the authority of the Empire, the other elders could speak for their clans but only the Queen could speak for Camina, they objected but I insisted that the items go to the queen to decide as she was the clan head, even though she was not of Caiman blood. McKenna agreed with me and told me to try on the items that had shocked me before. I placed the torque upon myself and drew the sword, the shocking changed to tingling and a pleasant feeling before fading into the background. She said the items had been claimed by my blood. I said ok and gathered up the rest to deliver to the queen. As we broke up I requested transport from the Russo to the airship base to talk to the Provost. I would ask for passage to the capitol to deliver the hand and ring immediately.

Four xp for the night. 10 total



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