Scions of Invention

Snatch and grab

three in one night

We plan out the snatches for the next night. The Lady invites the “importer” out to dinner to discuss business and once he accepts and sends a note with the location and time we wait outside the restaurant in the alleys. We see a fine fancy coach that pulls out of the gardens with his coat of arms, and it is followed by a nondescript coach. The fancy coach pulls into the restaurant and lets our target off and the other stops about 100 ft up the street in the dark between two lamps. Mckenna hikes up her skirt and entices the driver into an alley and quickly clubs him out. I walk down the street and although the guard sees me I grab him and drag him off the coach. I then throw him into the alley and advance on him drawing my sword. As I do I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and see the walls of the wagon drop and two men raise up and start preparing a gatling gun to fire. Our sniper hits the gunner While Mckenna knocks the man I tossed into the alley out from behind. I turn and leap up into the coach and behead the gunner, the loader seeing this turns and flees, the sniper takes off after him. The student jumps up and unhooks the mount for the Gatling and tells Mckenna to carry it back to his spider. She grabs it and complies. I quickly raise the sides and I grab the two that Mckenna knocked out and kill them by crushing their throats and set them up on the coach. The Sniper chases the coachman for several blocks finally taking him out with his second shot at the foot of the gate guards of the Gardens, he splits quickly. When the Sniper comes back and reports the runner dead we strip the two coachmen and put the sniper and crazy doctor up impersonating them. We set up and wait for the target to leave. About ½ hour later we see the target coach coming out and I signal our captured coach to start taking up it’s position. I run ahead down a couple of alleys and we get about two blocks away still four blocks from the city gates into the Garden. I leap out in front and attack the left horse, taking off it’s leg in one blow and causing it to stumble and bring the coach to a screeching/crashing halt. While it is still moving I leap aboard and kill the driver. In the meantime, the footman at the back who during the crash stepped off of the coach casually leaps up to the top of the coach and we battle it out. While I am keeping the footman busy Mckenna rushes out of a side alley and tries to smash in a window. She finds that is thick armored glass. The trail coach pulls up and the Dr gives us his “jaws of Life”, which she uses to smash open the door. Meanwhile we finally take down the footman which we discover is an automaton. Grab the target and quickly bundle him up and knock him out. We toss him, the automaton parts and everything else into the trail coach on top of the dead bodies and we split.
The second target we are able to grab quietly and slip out of his house without anyone knowing. The third has excellent security (two guards in front and two in back) of his house and no way to the roof from surrounding buildings. We send the sniper to get the lady and find a perch up in the gardens where they can see the two rear guards and take them out simultaneously when they are ready. Myself and Mckenna set to rush the rear of the house as needed. We wait about 45 minutes when we hear the distant cracks just after we see both guards heads explode. We rush them and drag their bodies into cover. We then slip up to the back door. There the doctor makes a key and lets us in. We slip into the kitchens and find a service stairs up. About halfway up we hear a bell tinkling softly above us as I step down on a soft step. Knowing it’s an alarm we charge upstairs, enter a hallway, seeing a door open we rush it and Mckenna and myself hit the guard who just opened it, killing him quickly. I catch the body on the way down and we slip down to the main bedroom. We find no more guards and are able to capture the target without setting off any more alarms, we see a couple of servants doors start to open and warn them back inside. They quietly shut the doors and make no noise. While searching his quarters for papers I find a hidden room. Finding out how to open it we find a large nodule (some sort of metallic node) and lots of notes. I take all the papers and notes and being able to carry the boulder I carry it downstairs and out the back where we load the target, and boulder. We slip away and head down to the warrens to our investigation room.
Information found from the interrogation.
From the first man, the importer who lived in the gardens we get a contact name of the Falcon, who is in the watch. I recognize the description as the Sgt Major of the Base.
The third man knows a contact named Ian Benton, he works in the railyard. The ore was shipped from the west, from Adventu. With this information we decide that we had better report in with the information we have before we start trying to snatch major military figures. We were able to grab various valuable items from the houses of the two we hit in the markets.

3 xp for the night, 2nd level and 1 xp remaining.



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