Scions of Invention

The Fiery Airship

Airship crash

Nicole- Mary Somervile Noble Hunter
Kevin Robert Stevenson Gene scientist
Nate Cas Long Soldier
Ash Greg Grace Camina Sharpshooter
Sabrina Mckenna O’riley Terra corner of Camina Boxer
Dave Friar Jaep
Bob Lt Nathanial E Lawrence Noble Marine
Alister Gabange Terra Nova

While in a bar I see and hear a large commotion outside, it appears to be an airship going down into the business district. I unstrap my shield and charge toward it. As I run down the street I see a fire steam wagon heading toward the crash. I jump on board and jump off in a few blocks in the business district when I see the dirigible crashed on top of a building with the back of the gondola on the ground and the rest slanted up. The air bag is on fire and we hear screams from inside. Seeing a University Student with a large hat and a red feather giving orders to organize the response. He seems to be doing a great job so I smash in with my shield and start throwing people out. Quickly a big female jumps in and starts helping me throw them out to the other passer byers. We empty the gondola out handing them all down or out the windows. Down below they are checked over by a doctor and if necessary given Mercy from a Mercenary. As we reach the cockpit we find all five crew dead from gunshots. The gunshots came from inside the cabin. Feeling the airbag finally collapse on the gondola completely we jump out the windows to the ground below. The female is caught by a large black man who had been catching people as we tossed them out the windows. I landed well and rolled up and we ran away from the inferno. Upon seeing the constables arrive I asked for an investigator and upon his arrival the big female (named McKenna) and I reported that this was not an accident. We reported the five dead crew but told them we had no knowledge of how many there should be. We heard a Mont Rosso voice yell out that there was a crew of five on this class of airship. Not seeing where the voice came from I told of the assistance of Mckenna and the Mont Rosso University student.
After quickly washing off by the firemen Mckenna and I want back to the pub we came from to wet our whistle. We spent the rest of the evening working over a meal and several pitchers of ale and I finally staggered back to the family townhouse in the early morning. I got up early and headed down to find out what the investigator had discovered about the crash. He reported that they had information on two individuals they thought were involved and were going to arrest them that morning. I ask for the information and was told that they were going to seize them at the train station headed east at 11am. I thanked him and told him I would be there to ensure they were brought to justice. I went back and rousted Mckenna out of her bed and when I informed her of where were going she got very energetic. We went to the train station just before 11 and bought lunch at one of the vendors kiosks to pass as normal. At 11 precisely, just after the conductor called for all aboard the constables rushed all the train exits. Mckenna and myself placed ourselves in front of the train, one on either side to watch for anyone bailing out the windows. Sure enough two men came flying out and started running towards Mckenna on her side. She clotheslined them both and dropped them. I immediately jumped on one and shield smashed him. A third man, the Mercenary from the crash appeared and put his sword to one mans throat and scared him into submission, Mckenna and I wrestled with the second until we had him subdued, whereupon he bit into a false tooth and started foaming at the mouth and twitching. Mckenna tried to punch him in the groin again to induce vomiting and I called out for anyone who could help with a man that poisoned himself. A kid 12-13 years old ran up and said he could help, not having any other choice I stepped back and he pulled out a syringe with glowing liquid in it and injected the man in the neck. Over the next few minutes the mans color returned and he finally stabilized enough to be chained and taken away by the constables. The lead investigator asked all of us to return to the constables offices with him to file reports. We arrived there and were just finished in dictating our reports when a gentlemen came in asking for us to accompany him to the royal offices. After a little indecision on the part of the child we all joined and went, I spent the transit time cleaning my boots and shining my brass and leather.

We are shown into a receiving room where there is wind laid out and two benches on either side of the table. We help ourselves to refreshments and I serve the Noble Lady. I take stock of my companions and remember most of them from the crash site yesterday. We discuss the reason for our being here and a couple express their concern that we might be punished in some way. I reassure them that the queen would hardly execute us for saving part of the city from fire. A door opens up and we see a distinguished gentlemen wearing the knights symbol enter and thank us for all attending. The knight says that he normally he doesn’t care about these things and because we took action and of the circumstances of the crash he gathered us up. We will work for him for either loyalty or pay. Because of our wide and assundry backgrounds we do not display a unified front to the public. He wants us to take a train east, there is one major city between here and the coast. Our orders are to try to find the dissidents that sent that duo here to crash the zeppelin. It left for the city Shay-chatrak two days ago. We are to identify the dissidents. There will be a handler awaiting us when we arrive. The next train leaves tomorrow morning. He will be our paymaster for 5 princes per week. We are not there on queens business.
We board the train in two parties, the nobles and servants and the others….We arrive in the target city and the nobles load our luggage and talk among ourselves, the Monte Russo Noble teenager tells me that to let slip that he is the son of the proper queen of Monte Russo, who was deposed by her brother. I wander over to the noble lady and mention that I wished she had found another guide beside the young former queens son to guide us as he was annoying, she agreed but said that he was very knowledgeable. I made sure I would be overheard carefully. The ruffian group upon disembarking finds that this town is restive. This used to be where the four clans met in the old days, the city is wholly in Camina when it used to be a neutral city of the clans. This city is a powder keg. The balance of power is tricky because the three clans could combine and overwhelm Camina, but Odiarca could sail the air fleet over and bomb everyone.
Three exp for the night.


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The Fiery Airship

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