Scions of Invention

The Great Train Robbery

They came from the air.

The next morning we head down in our separate parties, Mckenna in the spider with our three prisoners and the noble group separate. We board the train back to the capitol and it heads out of the station without incident. We have a three day trip back to the capitol. On the trip we meet another noble lady, Mary Elizabeth, who seems well dressed but not up on the latest styles. She has smudges of something resembling oil on her hems. We invite her to join our table (Lady Mary Somervile and me) (looking to relieve the three day boredom of the trip) but after introductions we see she has a mechanical owl on her shoulder that she is another scientist. I introduce her to Russo and they quickly get involved in a discussion of BORING porportions. The Lady Mary Somervile and I go back to our cards. On the first day I hear something on the roof of the train and decide to investigate, finding the mercenary on the roof, shadow dueling I decide to join him after he explains you never know when you might have to fight from a moving train. We spar for a couple of minutes when I try and sidestep and go over the side. I quickly bounce and slide to a halt and jump up, running over to the tracks to catch the second to last car. I jump back onboard and make my way back to the lounge when an Irate conductor tells me we are not allowed on the roof as it is dangerous. I tell him I’m quite all right but thank him for his concern and agree we won’t practice on the roof again.
Near evening of the second day Mckenna gets alarmed when she hears footsteps on the outside of the spider she is hiding in with the three prisoners. Thinking quickly she hits the steam whistle to let us know something is wrong. Hearing it in the lounge and hearing Russo say that is his spiders whistle I strap on my shield and charge back through the compartment yelling for everyone to get out of my way. (not wanting to annoy the conductor again if it wasn’t a real emergency). The Mercenary exits the coach car and climbs up to the roof straightaway and sees three men on the roof heading for the engine. He starts running to catch up. The sniper, having climbed on the roof as well behind him gets a shot off at one of the three, wounding him. The sniper quickly takes out the wounded man while the other two make it into the engine just before the Mercenary drops down out of sight behind them. The two men hit the emergency brakes in the engine and the Mercenary finds the engineer dead and one man holding the stoker door open while the other throws something in the fire. They then quickly turn and pull parachutes to suck them off the train quickly. The mercenary gets in a single hit, wounding one of the marines. He then pulls open the stoker door and reaches in to pull out a brass cylinder and tosses it quickly out of the window of the cab, after which he takes the emergency brake off to keep the train moving beyond whatever device it was.
Meanwhile, I was running back for the flatbed through the other passenger cars, everyone listened to my bellows and scrambled out of my way before I had to trample them under. The rest of the party from the lounge fell in behind me to include Mary Elizabeth. Just as I smashed through the last door onto the flatbed Mckenna had seen a marine head back to the baggage car from the porthole in the door of the spiders rear. Seeing us appear from the front she did something and a flock of disparate birds flew into the baggage compartment behind the marine. We heard screaming from inside, which quickly died off. I leapt up on top of the spider and as the sniper had turned back towards us was able to take the hand off of the first man I attacked, he fell off the train then. The second on the spider turned to me and the third continued to work. Mckenna got out of the back hatch as Mary Elizabeth skirted around the spider, apparently trying to get to her metal Pegasus in the rear to check on it, while Russo slipped under the spider to get to the hatch. After shrugging off my foe’s blow I took his ear off with a close hit but was able to grab him to keep him from falling off of the train when the flock of birds streamed past Mary Elizabeth who had just entered the baggage compartment and attacked the torch man. The fight was instantly over. As Lady Mary Elizabeth flew her Pegasus out of the baggage compartment she saw the parachutes still in the ski and flew her Pegasus into the top of one to collapse the chute and make the man fall, the sniper picked the man off and she repeated this with the second but he shed his red coat and slipped away in the tall grasses as we pulled forward. Scanning the skies I spotted a scout blimp headed away, Asking if anyone had anything that could get me up there the Dr handed me a backpack he said would float me slowly and Alistar got his flying machine from the cargo, we boarded and set off in pursuit. We were able to overtake it fairly quickly when it turned towards us and I told alister where to fly to be out of it’s weapons fire cones. We were able to avoid it through impressive piloting when it did get a shot off. I dropped onto the balloon and climbed down. Upon entering the cabin I saw a pilot and the Sgt Maj. I ordered them to surrender themselves and the Sgt Maj laughed and said he’d rather fall first, I grabbed him and threw him out the hatch, keeping a hold of him. I then drew my pistol with my other hand and shot the pilot. At that the Sgt Maj started fighting me. We were going back and forth, neither gaining much ground, he was trying to fall the 500 feet down, I was trying to keep him up when the autopilot who brought me fired his heavy gun and blew off the Sgt Maj’s leg. I quickly pulled him in the cabin and slapped some liquid skin on his leg stump to stop the bleeding and keep him alive, I quickly land the airship and we collect the two other marines not killed and toss them all in the spider. As we clean up the bodies and wrap them and toss them on the flatcar we collect their gear and equipment. Stripping the Marine tunics from them as they have dishonored it. We get everything reloaded and Russo strips the Gatling gun from his spider and mounts it on the roof. Russo also climbs a telegraph pole and sends an encrypted message to the capitol about the attack and an unencrypted message saying anarchists have attacked the train but it was defended successfully by the passengers. He then goes among the passengers and calms them with platitudes. I also make my way through the passenger cars telling all and one that I was personally affronted that the anarchist built an airship to look like a navy ship and put on Marine uniforms, obviously to get the people of Camina to think the Empire was their enemy. I left the impression that it’s a good thing there was a true marine on board to stop these anarchist and their foul plot. We woke the spare engineering team and got the train moving again, I got the Mercenary and both Lady Mary’s to accompany me on the airship to man the guns just in case.
We were met about 12 hours later, just after dawn by a fleet battleship. We stopped the train and I landed the airship to meet them. A boarding party of marines came out and demanded our weapons, I identified myself and said that we had covert prisoners to transport that MUST survive to reach the capitol. The NCO in charge called up and a captain came down to deal with me, after informing him of the classified prisoners he asked us to transfer them to the baggage compartment so they could lift it. Russo said they could have the whole spider as he had to rebuild it anyway. We took the Ore sample out of the spider and stripped it and they lifted it away with the prisoners. The captain asked who they were and I told him he did not have a need to know but that they must reach the capitol alive. He took his men and sent a prize party to the scoutship, the only difficulty was getting Lady Mary Elizabeth out of the scout ship as she was fascinated by it. We all boarded the train and continued our interrupted journey. We exited the train quickly upon arriving at the station, wanting to avoid the press once word of the attack spread via the other passengers. We sent our baggage and the Lady Mary Elizabeth on to our hotel and headed to the palace grounds for our meeting with Sir Edward. He asked a couple of introductory questions and when we told of the new scientist Lady Mary Elizabeth we had left at the hotel he sent for her and said we would continue when she had arrived.
While at the hotel Lady Elizabeth was working on some plans when knocking started at her door, she ignored it and it continued, finally she told them to go away and the knocking continued and she sent Vulcan, her clockwork to deal with it. As he got to the door it opened, the lock having been picked and he pounded the intruder, knocking him down and out. She approached him and not believing his protestations of being a palace servant after unlocking her door had him tossed out. She then barred the door and slipped out the window heading for the palace to demand action on this ruffian. She was intercepted just as she arrived at the main gates and directed to meet with us her companions, at that she accepted and was shown into our meeting room. Sir Edward returned, whereupon she protested vigorously at the treatment from one of his men and I supported her, can’t have the masses getting out of hand after all. Whereupon he apologized for him and we proceded. He told us we had succeed in our mission after reading our reports and successfully captured those responsible for the attack on the capitol. He paid us for two weeks, giving the new member a couple of Princes for her trouble and thanking her for her assistance. He offered her a position on our team and I explained that we hunted down threats to the empire and generally bad people and were paid 10 princes a week for expenses and such not. She accepted and we were finally ushered out with Sir Edward telling us that he would see us in a few days to give us our next mission.
We headed back to the hotel whereupon for the next few days we split, the scientist all heading back to Russo’s university to use the workshops and help him construct his next vehicle and the rest of us shopping or spending time in polite society.

4xp for the night 2nd lvl +5 xp total.



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